How to use WordPress media upload in custom code

How to use wordpress media upload in my code Usage of code In making plugin to upload file and images To upload extra image in pages and...

Collaborate Code With Github’s Learning Lab

Github isn’t just where most major open source projects are borne and improved; it’s also a commonly-used tool within commercial software development teams. Now,...

Web Design

Illegal downloads

Illegal downloads Copyright holders frequently refer to copyright infringement or Illegal downloads as theft. In copyright law, infringement does not refer to theft of physical...


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How to make vertical menu with plus minus toggle

Vertical Menu With Plus Minus Toggle Icons used : Font-awesome Source code: Bootstrap Responsive: Yes. Do you like my posts? Please let me know by dropping your valuable...

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How to set Defer parsing of JavaScript

Why to use Defer parsing of JavaScript? Using deferring parsing of JavaScript until page html to be executed, defer parsing reduce the initial load time...

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