India becomes the fastest growing hub of software developers


India continues to produce top technology talent in the world. The country is today a leading contributor of software developers.

Indian students have always been interested in computer science as their preferred career. The latest data says that India has 27.5 lakh software developers and the same is expected to reach 52 lakh by the end of 2018. This incredible rise in the number of developers makes India one of the fastest growing hubs of software developers in the world.

Indian IT industry is known for its quality pool of tech talent and several global software development initiatives leading to breakthrough innovation have been contributed by Indian developers.

Industry data suggests that medical coding sector in the country is likely to grow by the rate of 23% by 2020. A large number of young tech experts will have greater opportunities in the emerging field of medical coding. Software developers in the country have great chances to develop innovative solutions for the industry.

Krishnamurthi further added, “Traditional coding languages with C++ followed by C, Java, Java 8 still prevails in India. Though these languages are imperative to fathom the fundamentals of computer science, focusing on new language skills is indispensable. Hiring programmers in the IT industry are sure to gain momentum in 2018. The industry is expected to add 1,80,000 to 2,00,000 new jobs mostly related to artificial learning, machine learning, and big data in the country.”

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